Breach Bail Conditions

If you have been placed on bail and have breached a condition of it (e.g. not report to the police), you may be arrested by the police and brought before a court.

Where the court finds that breaching bail has been proven, the court has the power to refuse your bail (i.e. hold you in custody) or release you on fresh or continued bail.

Changing Bail Conditions

If you would like your bail conditions varied (for example, reporting 3 nights a week instead of 7 nights a week), you can speak to us about it. A bail variation application will need to be made. These applications are heard before a magistrate.

What do I do if I have breached my bail conditions?

If you have breached your bail conditions, contact us on (02) 9891 4200. We can attend with you at the police station and conduct the bail application for you.
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